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Karma2go, LLC (K2GO) offers a unique combination of engineering and technological expertise to provide its clients with advanced engineering analysis services. Using sophisticated structural analysis tools developed in-house, custom developed catastrophe modeling software and extensive databases, K2GO is able to assess structures from both natural and man-made perils.

Advanced Engineering Consulting Services focus on linear, nonlinear, failure static and dynamic analyses of structures and components subjected to earthquake motions, wind and hurricanes, waves and currents. K2GO is uniquely qualified to perfrom Third Party Reviews of any structural systems. Typical applications could be value engineering and risk assessment of new designs, retrofit solutions for existing structures as well as feasibility studies of novel concepts. The structure material types can be steel, wood, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, or masonry. State-of-the-art technology developed in-house is utilized for the purpose. Some of the Project Applications of this technology include the Seismic Retrofit of the Golden Gate Bridge, Seismic Evaluations of the new proposed San Francisco Giants Stadium (Pacific Bell Park), and Pier 39. See Projects for more details.