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What is KARMA?

KARMA is a 3-D linear and fully-nonlinear structural static and dynamic failure analysis program subjected to catastrophic natural hazards or man-made perils.

How Much does it cost?

The price of each execution of KARMA is based on actual CPU time. You always have the option of getting a cost estimate prior to submission of any executions.

How Do I Pay?

  1. Pay-Per-Use - Your credit card is charged at the time of execution.
  2. Active Billing - An account is setup with karma2go and billed by purchase order.

You can use the technology in two modes:

  1. To Test Drive the technology please follow the following steps. This option is a free.
    Provide some basic information. See the Test Drive page.
    Select the sample file from the available suite.
    Accept and abide by the Terms of Use and execute the runs

  2. Execute user specified problems. (User Account and Sign In Required)
    This is a pay-per-use option. The user can either pay for the executions via credit card or have an account available. The following steps outline the procedures.
    1. Create an ASCII data file for the specific problem. (The input manuals and and data check version of KARMA can be ordered for a nominal fee, for registered users only.)
    2. Setup a user account and password.
    3. Sign In
    4. Access and complete the upload-file form and options
    5. Get an estimated cost for the specific problem before submitting any executions
    6. Accept and abide by the Terms of Use and submit the executions
    7. The output and associated graphics are automatically emailed back to you.