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Risk Assessment

Single Site Analysis is the evaluation of the risks to a single property location. K2GO performs Single-Site Analysis for any Property World Wide.

Karma2go, LLC (K2GO) uses advanced probabilistic, engineering and scientific methods to realistically evaluate performance of properties subjected to catastrophic natural hazards and other prescribed hazards.


The procedure comprises the following four steps:

  1. Probabilistic definition of triggering events often described as hazard analysis. Triggering events could be earthquakes, hurricanes, floods etc.
  2. Probabilistic assessment of damage- consequence. Here, simulations are used to quantify physical damage, nonstructural damage, and failure. The three-dimensional fully nonlinear mathematical models of properties are analyzed in the time-domain to the hazards defined in the previous step.
  3. Probabilistic coupling of the hazard and damage to quantify estimated losses, including Probable Maximum Losses (PML). These losses include structural damage, nonstructural damage, business interruption, and other losses, and include uncertainties in the hazard, modeling, damage evaluation, etc.
  4. Mitigation, Optimization and Decision Analysis