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CATmandu® [1] is an advanced catastrophe modeling tool developed by K2GO. CATmandu uses science and engineering models and databases to analyze the effects of earthquakes and hurricanes, storm surges, waves, and tornadoes on client properties or portfolios. By using reliable tools and technologies, this sophisticated software produces better business information for property owners, risk managers, and financial institutions.

This includes:

  • Ground-up losses
  • Gross losses
  • Reinsurance losses
  • Confidence and uncertainty
  • Probable maximum loss (PML)
  • Maximum foreseeable loss (MFL)
  • Annualized loss

CATmandu is more reliable than currently available any other catastrophe modeling software because

  1. it incorporates peer-reviewed scientific and engineering data that are ignored by expert opinion models,
  2. it is validated, not calibrated, with historic catastrophe losses,
  3. it is flexible and scaleable, allowing clients to use varying amounts of input data, and
  4. it is built for the future, ready to incorporate new research that arises in catastrophe science.

CATmandu uses a step-by-step process to model portfolio assets, hazards, damage, repair cost, and insurance/reinsurance losses, as illustrated below.

In each step of the process, CATmandu incorporates the latest models available from science and engineering research. Each model has been individually validated and peer reviewed by a panel of outside experts. CATmandu's flexible software architecture will allow the rapid integration of new models to the process as they become available.

[1] CATmandu is a registered trademark of karma2go, LLC, San Francisco, CA.