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Karma2go, LLC (K2GO) offers Consulting Services and Technology Products for use over the Internet on a pay-per-use basis. Technology products comprise advanced nonlinear analyses tools called the KARMA-suite of programs, and the risk assessment software called the CATmandu-suite of programs.

KARMA-suite of programs can be used for linear, nonlinear, failure static and dynamic analyses of structures and components subjected to earthquake motions, wind and hurricanes, waves and currents, or on-site hazards can be performed. Projects analyzed utilizing this Technology can be evaluations of new designs, retrofit solutions for existing structures as well as feasibility studies of novel concepts. The structure material types can be steel, wood, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, or masonry. Some of the Technology's previous applications include Seismic Retrofit of the Golden Gate Bridge, Seismic Evaluations of the new proposed San Francisco Giants Stadium (Pacific Bell Park), and Pier 39.

Thc CATmandu-suite of programs can be used for detailed risk and loss assessments of properties subjected to catastrophic natural hazards or any user defined hazards. It can provide useful business information for property owners, risk managers, and financial institutions. Results from CATmandu analyses could be (a) Ground-up losses; (b) Gross losses; (c) Reinsurance losses; (d) Probable maximum loss (PML); (e) Maximum foreseeable losses (MFL); and/or (f) Annualized loss.