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SWAMI® [1] is a powerful color graphics package which creates photo realistic, three-dimensional visualization and animation. SWAMI is general purpose software which quickly converts voluminous data into precise and understandable images in either a preprocessor or a postprocessor mode. SWAMI will interface to any software application via its Generic User File Interface language, GUFI® [2]. Some of SWAMI's application examples are scientific, engineering, architectural, medical, or environmental. SWAMI will generate multimedia hardcopy such as photographs, slides, Raster Color Prints, Postscript Color Prints, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, XPM, PPM, BMP, videotapes, and/or film.

SWAMI's interface has an interactive, intuitive user friendly walking menu system. Its on-line help utilities and on-line documentation can be accessed interactively at any time. SWAMI provides constant, smooth, designer shading techniques with anti-aliasing.

As a preprocessor, SWAMI allows users to build models interactively. Additionally, GUFI translates input data from the following programs to the SWAMI data base and creates a corresponding KARMA® [3] input file.

  • Program ANSYS.
  • Program NASTRAN.
  • Program SAP.
  • Program SACS.
  • Program DAMS.

Other SWAMI features include:

  • Multicolored multiple light sources. They are provided as either point lights at a finite location, spot lights, and/or directional lights located at infinity.
  • One ambient light.
  • Translucency, anti-aliasing, linear interpolated color mapping and contouring.
  • A powerful animation editor for videotapes or film generation.

As a pre or post-processor, SWAMI will interface to all real time analysis as well as standard CAD programs. The use of SWAMI is unlimited. Currently used in the oil industry, some of the typical applications are listed below.

  • Bridge Engineering,
  • Structural/Mechanical Engineering,
  • Ship design and ship dynamics,
  • Oil and gas reservoir simulation,
  • Oceanography,
  • Oil and gas exploration,
  • Corrosion analysis,
  • Environmental pollution monitoring,
  • Engineering application (structural, mechanical, etc.),
  • Chemical processing plants,
  • Energy producing facilities,
  • Architecture,
  • Paint industry,
  • General and specific scientific applications,
  • Model testing,
  • Molecular biology,
  • Construction sequences,
  • Composite fiber weaves,
  • Thin film technology,
  • Geological formation studies,
  • 3-D CADD model presentation,
  • Fractal geometry.

[1] SWAMI is a registered trademark of karma2go, LLC, San Francisco, CA.
[2] GUFI is a registered trademark of karma2go, LLC, San Francisco, CA.
[3] KARMA is a registered trademark of karma2go, LLC, San Francisco, CA.